Chuwi’s HiGame is literally a One of a kind micro PC out in the market.
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A micro PC packed with amazing specs at $899 is just way too unreal!

You might be familiar with the name Chuwi if you are a fan of cheap products that tackle premium products like Microsoft.

If you don’t know then here’s a brief about it:

Chuwi is a Chinese tech start-up which has been in market since long and has already produced tech at a very low price and their quality and features tackle products of companies like Microsoft.

This company has already launched notebooks, convertible laptops, budgeted laptops, and they even attempted to complete with Microsoft's Surface pro by their own product.

The stuff from Chuwi is worth trying as they produce the finest and the best quality products at budgeted range. So, if you are low on budget but want a better laptop then Chuwi should be your choice.

There are many products launched by Chuwi already and their target market has always been people who wants premium tech at cheap prices and now Chuwi is attempting to target the gamer and has already set their sights by coming up with. Pre-built micro desktop known as HiGame PC.

 Known as Chuwi HiGame PC, the pre-built micro desktop comes with impressive specs. As Chuwi has done in the past, the company has decided to launch the HiGame on Indiegogo in order to increase interest and has already raised over a quarter of a million dollars in just a day and it seems that there's a plenty of it left.

Pre-built gaming PCs have come a long way as most of the gamers opt for building their own gaming PC in order to suit their needs but with pre-built PCs coming with the specs gamers needs hence, its craze is increasing and many companies are already coming up with pre-built PCs but most of then are pretty expensive as they come with variety of specs.

Though, smaller companies also jumped in the market but they hit rock bottom to soon. Unlike, other companies Chuwi is unique and known for it previous efforts, which featured amazing specs at lowest prices, but this time Chuwi is coming out with some powerful punches.

The HiGame PC features the new 8th gen Intel processors which are packed up with AMD’s RX Vega M graphics. Two variants of the desktop are on offer, one with an i7-8709G/Vega M GL, and the other with an i5-8305G/Vega M GH combo. Both models carry 8GB ofRAM, and the i7 model doubles the i5’s 128GB of solid state storage to 256 GB.

All of which is crammed into a very tiny 6-by-6-inch tower. Unlike some micro PCs out there, this little beast also comes packed with ports. You’ll find two HDMI, two DVI, four USB-3, and one Thunderbolt port, as well as the standard Ethernet port and audio hook-ups.

You can also use themicro pc to view in 5 different displays which is quite impressive.

As for the prices the i5 is priced at $899and the i7 is priced at $1,099.


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