How to be a world-class video gamer
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This article is about how to develop your skills and become a world-class gamer

The world we live in, we love playing video games and since the times of Pacman video games and games, in general, have become more complete and more enjoyable. It is very likely that in every household in the country you are probably going to see an Xbox One or Playstation 4. People have spent hours per day playing video games because they challenge us and they are fun and creative. The difference between a professional or an amateur in any field is vast and it is not different in the video game industry. The video game industry is growing in popularity and due to this, there is lots of money. There are many traits of a world-class gamer and in this article, I will reveal the traits that make a world-class gamer.

Hours spend Practising

Video games are addicting and it is a source of fun which many people spend there hours passing time away. The top gamers multiple hours per day practising their craft to get better. The saying “ practice makes perfect couldn’t be any truer and it is something that can be related to in all fields. These world-class gamers will know any angle and they know all the little details which they can use to there advantage, once they are competing against each other. Team Liquid say that they spend up to eight hours per day practising with each other and this is so they can stay on top of the league of legends.

Playing better competition 

Usually, the average joe will spend there video games playing against their family or their friends and that is fine. However, if you want to become an elite gamer you need to compete with someone better than you. Competing with people who are better than you will force you to automatically raise your game and you will pick up some of the useful habits that the other gamer will do and that will help you out in the future. Even though they play on there own as well Team Liquid will spend there those eight hours practising against the high-level competition to prepare them for the big competitions ahead.

Dealing with pressure 

There is no point in having all the ability in the world only to find out that you are not very good under pressure, the ability to stay calm and collected is a very underrated skill. Despite the fact, those pro gamers won’t have 100,000 eyes in a stadium watching them like an elite athlete or a world-famous singer, they still have to deal with the pressure of millions of people watching them around the world. Also, things like thinking about the prize money which can help change their lives. Uncouoiouis thinking of pressure will make some of the basic things look very hard as they are constantly questioning themselves, this is where experience comes into play as it will settle the nerves.  

Having the ability to be creative

One of the differences between the average joe and someone elite is the fact that the elite person will be able to be more creative giving their leverage. This is where the little details can be used against your opponent and it will them a problem that they haven’t faced before. Creativity can also be used to solve problems as well, this is where quick thinking under intense pressure will help you develop into a world-class gamer.

Tactical nous to dictate your opponent

It is very difficult to go a hundred miles per hour all the time and this is where you need to pick your moments. Whether you are playing Fifa and you are deciding to slow the tempo of the game which will result in your opponent getting frustrated or you are picking your moments to attack or hide in fortnite, the ability to change gears is very important for a gamer. Think of it as you don’t want to race as if it’s a hundred-metre sprint but you don’t want to it to be a marathon but rather an 800-metre race where you pace yourself then you decide when to sprint to the finish line.

Once you have all of that the ability to remain consistent

Once you can do all of that you will then be able to compete for someone of the biggest competitions in the video game industry and you will be able to compete against the very best competition in the world and you should win some prize money as well.




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