How to Learn iOS App Development?
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Are looking to learn about ios app development? so your on the right place , read the post more details.

Apple's App Store is an app distribution platform with more than 2 million applications. There are many exciting success stories around many iOS apps. Every day hundreds of apps are being uploaded to the App Store. There are developers who are making a living just from the earnings of their iOS apps. iOS apps are easier to monetize when compared to the other platforms. So, if you are interested in iOSapp development you need to know few fundamental things. In this guide, we'll take you through the steps involved in iOS app development process.


1. Mobile app development can be fun if you are passionate about it. But there are many challenges involved in it especially if you are stuck in the code or anything like that. It takes time to develop good apps and one needs the patience to develop a kick-ass application.


2. You need to know a bit of programming to get started with iOS development. If you do not know any programming language, you must pick one language and start learning it. Generally, C is considered as the beginner-friendly language. There are many free courses online which helps you to learn any programming language. If you are already a decent programmer, you just need a couple of weeks to understand the fundamentals of Apple Development Environment.


3. Basically, you need to learn about these three things - Swift, XCode, iOS SDK. Swift is the fundamental language which is used to develop iOS apps. Many developers also use Objective-C in app development. But, Apple promotes Swift as the primary language. Swift is generally considered as one of the easiest languages to learn. It is a programming language which was just developed for writing software for iOSdevices and Macs. XCode is the graphical user interface which helps you in creating the iOS apps. It just runs on the devices which are using OS X. In simple terms, you need a Macbook or Apple iMac to start developing iOS apps.


4. There are lots of free resources online for learning iOS app development. You need to practice consistently till you get the grasp of the programming language and the development environment. This is one of the great resources developed by Apple to learn iOS development.


5. You need to pick one good text editor as you are going to write a code. It is the place where you are going to spend most of the time, so it must be really good and comfortable. Though you write most of the code in XCode, you may need to use a text editor organize the big chunks of code. Sublime Text, TextMate, Brackets, JEdit are often considered as the best text editors by iOS app developers.


6. You need to start small when it comes to developing any kind of software. You cannot right away start developing your dream application especially if you are new to programming. It takes lots of practice to develop a decent application. Use forums like StackOverflow whenever you are stuck in between the code.




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