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Extend your Prime membership for free for another year and enjoy the prime benefits for free

Reliance Jio, since it’s launch has been amazing people, and their offers are becoming a threat to other telecom companies and not only that but because of Jio’s blazing speed and free calls and unlimited data, it triggered other telecom companies to introduce the same affordable price. Jio has been proving that it will lead the telecom market alone by giving more offers in future and now Reliance Jio has dropped another bomb which was launched last year the Prime Membership which was introduced for99Rs during its launch was purchased by million and now that the time of expiration of existing member prime memberships was coming near Reliance Jihad yet again extended the Prime Membership benefits for another year. The service will be complimentary for existing Prime users, which means they don’thave to spend a buck to continue enjoying the Prime benefits after theirmembership ends as they can quickly get another year of free Prime membershipwithout any problems. Also for new Jio users who want to start enjoying Primemembership, they can do so by paying Rs. 99 on or after April 1. The companyalso has plansn of bringing new benefits under the Prime programme thoughnithing is yet own what the new benefits can be at the current moment.

Reliance Jio’s existing Prime members will have to download MyJio app and express their interest in getting the complimentary membership for the next 12 months. This is a limited period offer says Reliance Jio, though it has not given any confirmed date for the same. JioPrime membership offers users additional benefits over non-Prime members like more data at the same price and more. Additionally, all Jio subscribers get access to free voice calls and SMS as well as access to Jio’s suite of apps.

Reliance Jio Prime membership was announced last year by the company and gives users access to the suite of Jioapps for free. This includes 550+ live tv channels on the JioTV app, access to 6000+ movies via the Jio Cinema app and access to music via JioMusic. There also seven days catch-up of LiveTV available for Jio Prime members, along with other benefits


People who want to learn on how to extend the membership has to follow the steps mentioned below:

 Download the Reliance MyJio app on your smartphone. This needs to be the phone with their JIO SIM inserted in it. Once a user is signed in, they can then open the app and express interest in extending the Jio Prime membership for one more year.

When the user opens MyJio on an Android phone, where it shows the Jio Prime membership, it will automatically be renewed at a particular time and date, which is March 31, 2018, for the users who activated last year. So it looks like users who have the membership and the app on their phone will not have to worry about doing anything extra.

Once this is done, the JioPrime membership will be renewed for 12 months on a complimentary basis by the company.

The Jio Prime benefits will continue for the user for the next one year.

Remember the free membership is only for those who had claimed this Prime scheme last year. All new members who buy aJio SIM will have to pay Rs 99 for the Prime membership.



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