New Features in Android 'P' Beta Update
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let us take look at New Android P Version. everything you should know about it.

Google has unveiled the new Android Operating System tentatively called as Android 'P' at the developer conference I/O 2018 and released the public beta version for some selected devices. The finalised version of Android 'P' is expected to be released in August 2018. The name of the new version is not revealed yet. There are rumours that the name could be Android Pistachio Ice Cream or AndroidPopsicle. There are many other crazy predictions on the internet. Here are some of the first impressions on Android 'P'


What are the new features in Android 'P' or Android 9.0?

Excellent Battery Life


Android 'P' uses the machine learning algorithms to find out which applications you use and when do you use them and work out a pattern to save the save the energy in an efficient manner. It effectively throttles the applications that are draining the power when you are not actively using them. This makes the device to use battery more consistently and thereby there will be an improvised battery life. Android 'P automatically manages your screen brightness by studying your preferences and it surfaces the applications whenever you want to use them.


Digital Wellbeing


This is a great initiative by Google. Digital Wellbeing is very important in these times where people are just getting addicted to the digital content and social media. Android 'P' features a dashboard which enables to you to learn about your smartphone usage. You can check your usage and set up strict restrictions. Youcan sees how much time you spent on each app and how many times you unlocked your smartphone. For example, you can restrict the Facebook or Netflix after using it for 3 hours. You can also set up for a screen colour change to force you to put it down. Overall, this is a great addition to Android 'P' which will be useful for lots of young smartphone users.


Do Not Disturb


Android was never this serious about Do Not Disturb feature. DND is little aggressive in Android9.0. You'll not see a single notification when you enable Do Not Disturb. Youcan star some contacts to get the alerts only from them. This is an awesome feature as we do not get disturbed by those stupid notifications when we are busy! Android 'P' has taken the DND feature to the next level


App Slices


So if you look for a place, for example, you won’t only get Google autofill suggestions, you will also get app insights like Google Photos in the list displaying pics of that place that you’ve taken, for example. For example, if you are searching for"New York" you may see the photos you've takes while you are in NewYork City. In this way, Google integrated the apps in the search to offer more information to the user.


New Home Button Navigation


Now the home button navigation in Android is smarter but a bit complicated at the beginning. The home button is responsive to swipes and touches for easier and quicker access to different areas on your smartphone. For example, the long press on home button launches Google Assistant. Full Swipe takes you the app drawer. Halfswipe will launch the overview.






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