Roccat Renga Boost Review
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The Roccat Renga Boost is a brand new headset designed for the most serious and demanding gamers. It's the first gaming headset that is advertised to have studio grade sound quality and you can read more about it in our review!

Even though 90% of the information around us is processed through our eyes, our ears are just as important. Especially when it comes to hearing different sounds and listening to music, things that you can’t see. Which is why you should always invest in the best pair of headphones you can afford.

When it comes to gaming, being able to hear sounds is almost as important as the game itself. Not to mention that Esports has been gaining popularity. Which has made gaming headsets more in demand than ever before.

Roccat is a gaming company that isn’t new to headsets. Their recent release of the Roccat Renga Boost is an upgraded version of their previous Renga model. Unfortunately I have never used the old model so we will start the review from a clean slate.


The Roccat Renga Boost headphones have somewhat of a studio grade design. Which isn’t surprising as that’s exactly what Roccat promises on their website. And even though they have much more plastic than most studio grade headphones, they still look really nice. The headset is completely black, with the only exception of the brands logo and the writing “STUDIO GRADE SOUND”.

At the same time I can’t agree with everything that’s written on their website. For example Roccat has written that the headphones have a “robust build”. Well they kind of look fragile to me. That said, I haven’t exactly tested their durability either as I’d rather not risk breaking them. So they may be more durable than I give them credit. I guess I’ll be able to say exactly after I have used them for a longer period of time.

This “fragile” design does also come with a positive side. The headphones are light as a feather. They are definitely the lightest studio headphones that I have ever worn.

The cables on the Renga Boost are covered with rubber. This is pretty standard and I can see the positive sides. For example it doesn’t collect dirt as well as textile covers. Which makes sense as gamers aren’t the most enthusiastic cleaners that I know.

If there’s one design element that has a “robust build” then that’s most definitely the microphone. It’s at least 4 times thicker than an average headset. Unfortunately you can’t detach this massive microphone from the headphones. Which makes it pretty impossible to wear them outside in public. Unless you enjoy looking like a clown.


There are two main features that matter the most when it comes to headphones. Those are audio quality and how comfortable they are. The only problem is how to rate those two. With audio quality it’s much easier, either it’s good or bad. It’s much harder to rate how comfortable the headphones are as it really depends on who is wearing it. I can only give my personal opinion and how they fit me.

That said, there is still one aspect that doesn’t change and that’s weight. Lighter headphones are usually much more comfortable to wear as they don’t apply as much pressure to your head. Which is definitely the case with these and my neck didn’t get tired once. Not even after a 5 hour League of Legends marathon.

The faux leather headband and ear cup covers aren’t that great though. They made my ears sweat pretty fast. Which is why I prefer textile covers. But that’s my own personal preference and the sweating really depends on the person. I have a couple of friends who don’t have this problem with leather.

I can recommend these headphones to everyone who has an average and above size head.

Audio Quality & Performance

According to the Roccat website, these gaming headphones offer studio grade stereo sound for gamers. Well if that’s the case, then it seems like the people at Roccat studio only listen to electronic dance music. As that’s the only genre that actually sounds really good with these headphones. Its bass is really well balanced and it sounds accurate. Unfortunately there’s still a lack of detail that I’d expect from studio grade headphones. For example I own actual headphones that are designed for studios, the Audio Technica ATH-M50x, and it doesn't even come close to it.

The Roccat Renga Boost is an open headphone. Sure they offer a nice wide spectrum of different types of audio but they also let out a lot of sound. Which can get annoying for people in the same room as you.

The headphones can be attached to a computer, PS4, Xbox and other mobile devices. The cable length is perfect for computers in my opinion. I feel like it’s too short for PS4 / Xbox and way too long for phones. The cable has also got a remote controller that you can use to adjust the audio level.


In my opinion the Roccat Renga Boost is best for watching movies and gaming. It just didn’t work well with my type of music genre. Then again Roccat is a gaming company after all, so I’m happy that they have stuck to what they can do best.

Which is why I can recommend the Roccat Renga Boost for everyone who is looking for a gaming headset and enjoys listening to EDM. The stereo sound quality works really well with that genre and the bass doesn’t get tiring on your ears. Plus there’s a microphone that lets you communicate with people in games.


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