Samsung Display suppliers might suffer losses soon.
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Apple reported to be working on its own Display

Everyone knows that Samsung Display supplies display screen to various mobile manufacturing companies and you might be surprised if you don't know that Apple who successfully launched its first OLED display screen supporting phone iPhone X was actually manufactured by Samsung Display.

The screen of iPhone X was manufactured by Samsung Display, a leading display manufacturing company.

According to reports, Apple Inc has created and is testing its own display technology that will be used (if worked) in its future Apple devices. The news has already caused repercussions as the share prices of display makers such as Samsung and Sharp are disrupting.

According to a Bloomberg report, the Cupertino-based smartphone maker is creating its micro-LED display screen in a small manufacturing facility in California. The report suggests that the creation is only at a nascent stage and might take three to five years to be ready for manufacturing.

Apple seems to be wanting to go alone just like other companies and develop the internal components on its own.

Micro LED can be a big move for Apple as use different light-emitting compounds and gradually consume less power and are brighter than OLEDs. though it’s difficult to produce when compared to production of OLED displays.

If created it can make other companies lose a buyer as it will have its own to use.

Creating a micro-LED display can be complicated as there could be over millions of pixels depending on the screen size. In micro-LED, each of the pixels is further divided into green, blue, red LED’s which has to be individually created and calibrated. Each of the pixels comes from “donor wafer” and according to several reports Apple has already purchased donor wafer from various third parties such as Epistar Corp and Osram Licht AG. The “DonorWafer” is mass transferred to the micro LEDs so that it can be used. Apple is also said to be creating its own Donor wafer to cut down cost.

Under the supervision of Lynn Youngs, an Apple veteran who has helped develop touch screens for the iPhone and the iPad, the project is codenamed T159, and as of now, a facility in Santa Clara has already manufactured a handful of fully operational micro LED’s screens which are the size of Apple watch under 2inches diagonally.


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