Top 5 Best Android Apps for May 2018
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Excited about Whats new coming in May Month? The wait is over now here is the amazing post for you, Top Best Android Apps For May 2018

There are more than4 million apps available on Google Play Store. More than 50,000 apps are being introduced on Google Play Store every month. It's pretty tough to find the best apps that are launched recently in the Play Store. So, we have rounded up some of the best Android apps for May 2018.


Here are top 5 best android applications for May 2018.


Opera Touch


Opera announced a new app called Opera Touch which is essentially designed for the seamless browsing. It was released in the last week of April and doing good on theGoogle Play Store. Opera primarily focussed on designing a browser where a user can seamlessly browse with just one hand. The user interface of Opera Touch is sleek and modern. There is an easy access to image search and voice search which is very handy. Opera introduced a new feature in this app which is called Flow. Flow allows the user to transfer the websites from the desktop Opera browser to the Opera touch by QR code scanning.




Are you a messaging freak? How about earning something while you are messaging? Tengi introduces itself as the instant messaging app that loves to give back. Sounds good, right? Tengi has got most of the important features of Facebook Messenger andWhatsApp. It lets you call, text and share pictures via mobile data or wi-fi. But the most unique selling point of this app it conducts a cash draw for its users at the end of every week. The prize amount is £10,000. You get more virtual tickets if you chat more. The more virtual tickets you have, the more chances you have to win the grand prize! The beautiful thing about this app is it has no annoying in-app purchases.


Amazon Kindle Lite


Amazon Kindle Liteis truly lightweight which is just 2MB. But size is not the main attraction about this app. Kindle Lite helps you to access your Kindle ebooks even in the patchy networks and slow internet speeds. It has got almost all the important features of Amazon Kindle App. Unfortunately, there is no highlighting feature in this app. Overall Amazon had done a great job in shrinking the kindle app.  The original Kindle app is more than 200 MB!






WifiMapper is a handy tool in your hands whenever you are travelling the places where you don't get a good signal or maybe the data plan you are using is charging you a lot. Wifimapper tracks the wifi hotspots around the globe. Finding a free wifi is not easy. Wifimapper takes just a few minutes to find out the free wifi-hotspots around your place. So, this is the best app for the travellers who work on the internet.




Are you still searching magazines to find if your favourite artists are touring the places near you? Songkick ensures that you don't miss the tickets of your favourite artists' upcoming tours. It fetches the data directly from Google Play, Spotify etc and alerts you so that you don't miss the tours of your beloved musicians.



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