What are the 3 Fundamentals you need for your Website for better SEO Services?
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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a very popular term in the world of websites and blogging. People use this SEO technique to attract viewers. This SEO utilizes Keywords used in the article and then get them into the search engine. Major companies use SEO in order to get their website ranked.

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Must know fundamentals that will help you in using better SEO services

For different people, Search Engine Optimization aka SEO means unprecedented things. Some people understand SEO as a tool through which they can make a place in the google search engine. Some people understand it as the content you wrote and optimized in such a way that other companies start linking to your produced content. While some think “SEO” can only be used by experts as if it’s any kind of risky black magic but it isn’t.

SEO is actually a process of affecting the online visibility of a website or a webpage or a blog in a web search engine’s unpaid results.e. natural, organic, results. Companies buy keywords in order to get their website first in the search engine.

SEO means taking a techy approach and optimizing the websites in order to help them better so that they can be ranked in the search engine results and be shown to other paid users.

Though SEO is good, it’s not appropriate for every website as it could jumble up everything if not optimized properly. It doesn’t matter if you buy all the keywords if you don’t implement them properly they are of no use.

People might just not visit your website if it lacks design quality or proper and authentic content. SEO and Google try to help to improve user experience and today I’ll tell you about 3 Fundamentals you need for your Website for better SEO Services.

What are the 3 Fundamentals you need for your Website for better SEO Services?

1.      Build the Right Website design and responsive

Every website built today is now responsive meaning that the design and the layout are suitable for user preference. One should not be restricted to viewing the website at one place because people are busy and they keep on viewing web pages on different devices to make sure your website is designed accurately and is responsive. Don’t design an unresponsive website responsive or else no you won’t be able to optimize your content and website accurately. The website should provide an optimal layout which means it should be viewable on mobile or tablet devices without any problem. If you remember late back in 2015, Google announced that it has taken a step ahead and it will be using mobile as a ranking tool for various devices.

Having a responsive design is one of the best and most reliable methods to develop mobile websites rather than creating a separate website only for mobile, as a target through which Google will be ranking websites so that only high-quality information is visible. A responsive website will keep your produced content at one website rather than creating different websites for mobile which is a lot of work and if by chance your current website isn’t responsive then upgrade it by installing any mobile optimized plugin.

2.      Secure it today: The Use of SSL

Today, the majority of websites are adding SSL to their website.Now a question may have raised in your mind like “What is SSL?”

Well, SSL or Secure Sockets Layer is a standard quality security protocol that is used for establishing encrypted links between a web server and browser in the online connection. SSL is used in order to protect information.Though it is used widely in order to protect online payments as hackers have increased so in order to protect websites from falling into the hands of these hackers SSL helps in protection. In order to create SSL connection, you need to get SSL certificate.

When you get SSL certificate then you switch from “HTTP” to“HTTPS” which means Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure which secures your information on your website.

Since 2014, Google has been using “HTTPS” to rank websites when displaying search results in the search engine which means that the people with “HTTPS” will get advantage first. Though it’s not a big thing to boast about it does act as a sort of giving you an upper hand in the search engine as today there is a lot of competition. For example: There are two websites of same name i.e. “http://www.heisgood.com” and “HTTPS://www.heisgood.com” then the website that is secured will be displayed first in the search engine results rather than the non-secured one. Switching to HTTPS won’t give you an SEO boost but will secure your content well.

3.      Make your website Accessible

Make your website accessible by all the users. Don’t be biased and not make it accessible to disabled users. A well accessible and ranking website is the one which removes all the barriers as the website is correctly designed, developed and edited so that all users have equal access to information and functionality.

Believe me, there are so many types of people in this world some of them are unfortunately disabled but they are still finding a way to get information and that is why websites are helping them by making various websites accessible for them and this helps them in displaying their website first because the website is accessible. Use headers and use alternative text so that different people can see it properly, for example, use text on the image so that people can know what the image is about. Use bold titles so that people with less eyesight can clearly read it... There are various websites designed especially for disabled users

These are the 3 fundamentals that you need to keep in mind for better SEO services BUT don’t assume that if you apply all 3 your website will be ranked No.1 like “The Flash”.

Sorry because every website needs proper content, effective use of keywords and proper combination of techniques in order to rank better so follow these 3 fundamentals and create a website which helps all.



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