What is Android? Everything Should know Before Buying Android Device
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Don't know much about Android? so this post can be for you read this amazing article.

Android is an Operating System for mobile devices which was first developed by Android Inc. It was bought by Google in 2005. Android is the top-selling mobile operating system since 2011. It's doing equally good on tablets as it is the best selling tablet Operating System since 2013. Google extended the Android OS to cars, wearables, and televisions. Android variants are also used in gaming consoles, computers, digital cameras and other gadgets.


Android is a powerful software which helps the hardware to function in the way we want. It allows customization and we can alter the Android phone according to our personal taste very easily. It supports millions of applications which allows us to do different kinds of things using our Android phone. Google Play Store has got more than million android applications. There are applications which help you to take important notes during the classroom session, some applications allow you to add awesome artistic effects to the photos which you have clicked on your mobile phone. Android applications help you to do a different array of things using the smartphone. You can listen to your favourite music and you may also compose your own music. It's the applications which make your Android phone powerful. None of those applications works without theAndroid Operating System. Here are some of the example Android applications.


Contact Manager -Stores all your contacts.

Music Player -Listen to your favourite music whenever you want. Organize your music as playlists.

Notepad - Take a quick note.

Voice recorder -Record the voice memos.

Games - There are all kinds of games on the Play Store.

Weather app - Helps you find the weather information in different cities around the globe.

News app - Read the breaking news on your mobile.

Calculator, Calendar, To-do lists, alarm clocks etc.


We think that the above examples for applications give you an idea of what you can do with the Android phone. Android Operating System turns your mobile phone into a powerfulmini computer. Android users can download the applications from Google PlayStore. There are free applications as well as paid ones. Application developers earn money either by advertising on their applications or by making in-app sales.


The Android operating system is an open source software. So, any mobile handset manufacturer is welcome to use Android on their mobile phones. Today Android is being used as the primary Operating System by many leading handset manufacturers like Samsung, LG, Sony, Motorola, Huawei, Acer, Blackberry, Nokia, Asus, Lenovo, etc. In 2016, Google released two Android smartphones on its own brand name. They are Pixel and Pixel XL. These phones are considered as premium flagship models and they are the first ones to receive updates. Android is known for naming its versions after delicious sweets or desserts. Eclair, Cupcake, Gingerbread, Froyo, Donut, Nougat etc are some of the names of the Android versions. The current version of Android is Oreo 8.1. However, no one knows the exact reason behind these crazy names.


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