What Is IOS? Everything You Should Know About It
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What is Ios? here is the detailed article for that, read this awesome post for more details.

iOS was formerly known as iPhone OS is an operating system exclusively for Apple mobile devices. It was created by Apple Inc. an was first unveiled in 2007 with the launch of iPhone. iOS is the core operating system which runs on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.  Today, iOS is the second popular mobile operating system in the world with the market share of over 12%.


Some of the key features of Apple iOS


1. Apple iOS is based upon an interface called as Direct Manipulation. It supports multi-gestures pinch, swipe, shake, tap and reverse pinch. Apple user interface is considered as the best around the world because of the seamless functioning of these gestures. They're beginner friendly and very easy to operate.


2. iOS was one of the first mobile operating systems which implemented Push Email feature.


3. It supports Bluetooth, cellular connectivity.


4. The search system in iOS is integrated and you can search the files, email, apps, media at the same time.


5. Dual cameras with video capabilities. - front and rear


6. A personal assistant called Siri which runs on Artificial Intelligence.


7. Cloud service called iCloud where you can store your important files.


8. An access to iTunes which has got the best collection of music around the world.


9. An access apple app store which has more than 2 million apps in various categories.


Apple iOS is considered as one of the secured mobile operating systems. The new devices within support touch ID system which takes the security a step further. Apple releases multiple versions every year. The current version is iOS 11.1. AppleApp Store is the distribution platform where the users of iOS can purchase the applications. iOS apps are often appreciated for their quality. There are over2 million apps in the Apple App Store. There are both paid and free applications. The beauty of iOS is you can transfer the apps from one iOS device to another. Like you can download the application on iPhone and you can transfer it to Apple Watch. iOS enables the Apple devices to integrate seamlessly. For example, you can the Apple TV using iPhone. Many developers love to prefer to develop iOS apps than the other platforms as it is easy to monetize the apps on Apple devices. The testing process is also hassle-free as there is just a limited number of iOS devices, unlike Android devices.  iOS is considered as the premium operating system as it does not encourage any bloatware. As Android is an open operating system, the manufacturers are free to make their own versions of the software. So, they include lots of bloatware in the operating system which cannot be the deleted by the user which is really annoying. iOS customers love it as there is no bloatware in it. Apple's app screening process is very rigid. They approve the apps which are safe and with a clean design. So, the user need not worry about viruses and malware. All these things made the iOS one of the safest mobile operating systems in the world.


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