How to Earn Gold in Arena of Valor - A Quick Guide
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Gold, in Arena of Valor, can be used by players to purchase heroes, arcana, and other miscellaneous items. Unlike tokens, gold cannot be purchased using real-world money. Instead, it is earned in a number of different ways.

Daily Rewards after Road to Glory

 Once you’ve played consistently for a while, you’ll be done unlocking all the free heroes available to you through the persistent Road to Glory event.

After Road to Glory is out of the way, players get gold rewards instead, through Daily Battle Rewards. Simply playing a handful of matches every day will net you a sizable amount of gold, putting you well on your way towards buying those heroes you’ve been eyeing.

If your credibility score is above 96, you can hit the ‘collect’ button in the same window and receive an additional sum of gold.

Gold from Playing Games

After you finish a match, you are automatically rewarded with a certain amount of currency. The more games you play, the more you stand to make in this way. Keep in mind, though, that the developers have put a weekly cap on how much gold you can earn.

So if you’ve earned a bunch of gold in the first half of the week and can’t seem to get this number to go up any further, this is probably why.

Your first victory every day will also give you an extra 100 gold and 500 experience.

Guild Rewards

 Joining an active guild and playing regularly will help your guild earn more activity points. The greater this pool of activity points, the greater the rewards for all guild members.

These rewards are given to all members once a week, and you can earn both gold and gems from the chests that you get through the guild rewards system.

Achievement Rewards

If you tap the star icon on your home screen, after you’ve logged in, you’ll be able to see a long list of achievements, each with three tiers.

Completing these, for the most part, will give you gems, which you can use in the gem store. But, specifically, the chest you receive as a reward for leveling up will give you gold as well.

Special Events

And lastly, keep your eyes peeled for events that you can participate in to earn even more gold. These come around every once in a while, and also usually have other perks bundled into them.

The rate at which you earn gold from any of these sources can be dramatically increased by using a double gold card. When you do this, though, keep in mind that your gold will stop going up, temporarily, when you hit the weekly cap.


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