12 year old kid became swatting prank victim
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12-Year-Old YouTuber 'Swatted' After Spike in Channel Followers

A 12 year Fortnite player and YouTube streamer Peter “Rolly Ranchers” Varady, whose YouTube Channer recently spiked from 400 subscriber to 120,000 in a very short period of time just because Rolly Ranchers was playing a match against Cizzorz, who is another YouTube streamer with over 800k followers. Cizzorz endorsed his followers to Rolly Ranchers but this doesn’t go well in the end for Rolly because he found himself the latest victim of the really dangerous swatting prank.

This Sunday while streaming Rollywas interrupted by police as they showed up at his door. Police was responding to a claim made be one of Rolly’s viewers that he and his mother were going to hang themselves. Clearly, as is the case in Swatting, the claims were unfounded and though nobody was hurt, it could have gone very differently. But Rolly broke down in tears during his stream , with him later calling it the“scariest moment” of his life.

It is unknown at this time if police have any leads on the location or name of the caller who initiated the swatting incident.

For his part, Cizzorz spoke on Twitter:




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