5 Best Video Game Engines in 2018
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Are you looking for best video game engines to develop games? here I am sharing top 5 best video games engine read this awesome article for more details.

Game Engines are the software frameworks which simplifies the game development by providing lots of components which take away the lots of weight on the game developers. It's tough to imagine game development without using a game engine. A game engine is a one-stop powerhouse which helps in a number of important development stages like rendering, scripting, AI, collision detection, threading, animation, memory management etc.  Game engines are also helpful when you want to scale the game to the next level. So, in one like- The game engines are darlings for game developers. We have rounded up the best 5 game engines in the market today. Let us see why each one of them has made into this list.


1. Unity 3D


Unity 3D is the unanimous choice for most of the game developers in 2018. Startups and indie developers love this gaming engine as it is an affordable software. You just need to pay one time to get the license of Unity 3D. It offers an uncompromising framework for the serious game development. It is very easy to learn Unity 3D and has got the friendly user interface. Square Enix, ElectronicArts, Ubisoft are some of its customers. Angry Birds 2, Pokemon Go, Wasteland 2are the popular games developed using Unity 3D Game Engine.


2. Unreal


If you are looking out for the powerful 3D game engine, then Unreal is the best option for you. Unreal is very popular in the gaming community and considered as the most accomplished gaming engine throughout the world. It's definitely the number one-choice to develop the large-scale games which include thousands of high-resolution graphics.


3. CryEngine


CryEngine is often appreciated for its extraordinary graphics output. CryEngine is also fair to its customers. As a user of CryEngine, you need not pay any royalties or license fees no matter how successful your game turns out to be. CryEngine provides the best audio tools which help you to create some outstanding sound effects. If you love details in your games, we suggest you go for CryEngine.  It uses shaded pixels which elevate the authenticity and ultra-realistic effect.


4. Construct 2


We want to include game engine which is truly beginner friendly. Most of the aspiring game developers quit in the first couple of months as they get overwhelmed by the whole game development process. Construct 2 is the best beginner-friendly game-engine in the market today. It is super intuitive and you can create 2D game easily with the drag and drop feature. The main problem with Construct 2 game-engine is that it does not support Mac OS which sucks.


5. AppGameKit


AppGameKit is also beginner friendly and the best place to start the game development for hobbyists. It handles almost all the platforms with just a single code which is awesome. Behdad Games, Splat Studios are some of its customers. Na4, Bad Robot, Towerbots are the popular games developed using AppGameKit game engine. You can get the starting base product at $80.




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