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Arena of Valor- Explore and command a roster of over 40 fearless heroes and counting

The various heroes you can choose from make up the core experience of any MOBA. Arena of Valor has 57 heroes that are released globally, although not all of these are available yet on the Indian version of the game yet.

In the subcontinent, you can choose from 47 heroes at the moment, which can be pretty disorienting for first-time players. Luckily, you’ll only have a handful of these available to you when you first start playing, which helps cut down on the ‘noise’ and lets you get acquainted with the various playstyles available to you.

As you progress, you’ll unlock free heroes using the Road to Glory mechanic, which rewards you for playing a certain number of games every day.

Every week, Arena of Valor’s pool of free heroes is changed, which allows you to try out every single one eventually, till you find the ones that you like best. Then, you can then spend in-game currency, or actual money, to buy your favourite heroes.

 Arena of Valor has a couple of different hero roles, and some heroes that are an intersection between two or more roles.

Tanks, as you might guess, soak up damage so that their teammates don’t have to.

Warriors focus on dealing damage both with their abilities and their normal attacks.

Assassins focus on dealing large amounts of damage very quickly, allowing them to kill off enemy heroes with ease.

Mages are spell casters who primarily rely on their abilities to deal damage, buff their team, or control enemies.

Marksmen attack from range, allowing them to deal damage while keeping their distance from the enemy.

Support characters focus on buffing or healing their allies to make them stronger, and might also control the enemy with abilities that stun or slow.

When you’re picking a hero at the start of a game, keep an eye on your team’s picks and try to fill in any gaps that might exist in the roster. The game even has a handy team analysis tooltip on the character selection screen that’ll tell you what the current team composition lacks.

The drawbacks of an imbalanced team composition are self-explanatory.

For example, if there are too many tanks and not enough warriors, it’s unlikely that your team will be able to deal enough damage to win the match. While there might be some cases in which imbalanced teams might work perfectly fine, it’s advisable to stick to balanced picks when you’re starting out.

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