Battlefield V vs Fortnite is happening and who will win?
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“It’s Official EA announced that it's taking on Fortnite as it introduced Battle Royale Mode in their upcoming Battlefield game”

Fortnite has been in the market since long but started gaining attention only after PUBG became famous after launching the game with unique battle royale mode which led Epic creating its own Battle Royale forFortnite game too.

After nearly six-month Fortnite Battle Royale was launched gaining attention immediately due to its cartoonish graphics and famous streamers streaming it on the video streaming platforms.


EA in it’s EE, 2018, Press conference which was held on June 9, 2018, announced that Battlefield V will be getting a battle royale mode and will be competing against Fortnite as soon as the game releases.

Battlefield V’s reveal was met with discouragement and criticism as gamers were flurried with the fury of adding a woman in the war game with some gamers taking it out on the developers saying that they have time before the release to fix their mistake. Though the developers of Battlefield Vreplied saying they only want players to have fun playing the game.

The criticism was later shutdown as no game in history ofcreation of video games has ever been made with accurate history as one cannotguess the accurate ones based on the scripts left by the ancestors as somereports claim it to be fake.


EA is all ready to take on Fortnite and as of now Fortniteis enjoying much Hype but who knows whether it will be enjoying more after therelease of Battlefield V or not.

DICE the developers of Battlefield V discussed how they came up with an idea of adding a battle royale mode as it’s enjoying quite the hype.

"I would be lying [if I said] there weren't people in the studio that would play [battle royale games] a lot," Gustavsson said with a laugh. "We enjoy it. It's good fun, and it brings a new perspective."

He added that there is "lots of good energy" at DICE related to the new battle royale mode. The newer Battlefield games already support large numbers of players; 64 players can compete together in a single match in Battlefield games. Additionally, Battlefield's trademark destruction, as well as the variety of weapons and vehicles, makes a Battlefield Royale experience sound very intriguing.

Gustavsson added that there was an "extremely big push" from inside DICE forBattlefield to add battle Royale. "It's a good sign when it comes from pure passion," he explained.

Meanwhile, GameSpot asked Gustavvson about Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 adding its own battle royale mode called Blackout. 

"It's interesting times," he said.

"We're all game developers but also gamers. Looking forward to seeing where it takes us."

Back in my, DICE told Game Spot that battle royale was a "natural fit" forBattlefield V, though at the time the studio stopped short of confirming it. It seems EA was waiting for E3 to announce it.

Battlefield V goes live on October for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

 BONUS: BATTLEFIELD V multiplayer seems like a huge Air battle, exciting isn't it?

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