Dying Lights 2 will be having multiple endings
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Humanity’s fate bestow on your choices

Techland recently revealed Dying Lights 2 for Xbox One in E3 2018 media conference. While the prior game focused on parkour and brutal combat, part 2 give more freedom in movement, which will help them deciding humanity’s fate. The choices made while playing game not only effect on the relationship but also how the city will evolve over time. The developers believe the game to be first of its kind to boast a branching story in which decisions have such a tangible weight on the shape of its narrative.

Twinfinite’s report says that Dying Light 2 will feature multiple endings. Because of the branching story there will be multiple ways to beat the game, and though player decisions will have drastic impacts of the dynamic of the city and its inhabitants, they’re not always irreversible. Techland was quick to highlight that opportunities to undo allegiances and decisions would be more nuanced than simply returning the NPCs and killing them. Instead, later quests would weave in a contingency plan to change course according to preference.

The story of the game takes place after 15 years of the original game’s event. The zombie outbreak has spread all over the globe and now the whole world is collapsed. You will be playing the role of an urban explorer who will travel and fight for the control over various fractions of the city. As the main character you can fight all alone and play each side against one another but there will come a time when you will have to make choice of one side which will decide the future of your city.

Twifinite has confirmed that Dying Light 2's map is four times larger than the first game and just as dangerous. This time we will see the massive world of dying light more brutal with more enemies and we hope that it surpasses the standards of its predecessor.


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