Four Must Play Switch Games Announced During Nintendo's 2018
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Spring Nindies Showcase ,These four new switch games are worth waiting for!

Nintendo held its latest Nindies Showcase this week and revealed a wide variety of new indie games for Nintendo Switch owners to look forward to in 2018. Here's a rundown of FOUR must play games that were announced for Switch during Nintendo's 2018 Spring Nindie's Showcase.

 Nintendo Held Its Latest Nindies Showcase This Week and revealed Wide Variety of New Games That Are Being Developed for Nintendo Switch and Has Informed the Switch Owners to Look Forward to Some Best Games In 2018.

Here’s A Show Reel of Some Must Play Games That were announced for Switch During the Nindies 2018, Spring Showcase.

1.  Travis Strikes Again

Nintendo announced this one a little while ago, and this can defiantly be a good switch game if you wanted to play. Though it’s nothing like more heroes three but this game is better regarding gameplay mechanisms on NintendoSwitch.

The game features multiplayer option wherein players team up against waves of video game glitch inspired terrible guys and defeated them using Travis' signature move called beam katana light sword and also various sets of equally insane special attacks. When your beam katana loses its power after enough use; you'll have to click down the stick and shake your Joy-Con to recharge it and use it again and again by doing the same process, resulting in you and your-op partner grinning at the craziness of it all. The title is shaping up to be something extraordinary and seems to be insane for Switch owners so they can wait for this in 2k18.

2.    The Messenger

The Messenger is a pretty straightforward Ninja Gainedinspired 8-bit action platformer. You can perform some Hacking, slashing, and jumping around in a retro-inspired video game but that isn’t all there are tons of things to do after you finish the game once it opens a path the beginning of the game where a significant jump time will happen, and the game's graphics are allotted to entirely 16-bit. Magical portals are scattered throughout each stage which will transfer you to 8-bit levels instantly in time and also gives you the ability to jump between time periods to access areas, fight enemies, and find secrets. Everyone is going to have fun playing this game so do look forward to it in 2k18.

3.   PODE

This game is inspired by Norwegian art and culture because it puts you in control of two unlikely companions who will travel through the insides of a mysterious and magical mountain. There are many puzzles, riddles are solved and obstacles to be crossed and mysteries to be uncovered while using unique abilities. Ode is a family-oriented game so you can even play it with your family and this one is quite promising.

4.   Just Shapes & Beats

Are you a music game lover then this game is what you should be waiting for dearly because this just Shapes and Beats is a wild musical bullet hell game which takes the most influential elements from some for highly favourite bullet hell games released previously and combines them with years of experience and fundamental human appreciation of music and rhythm. The game offers various modes like solo, multiplayer or with up to three friends. Don't surprise the soundtrack for this unique set is composed of over 20highly famous chiptune artists like Abbi and Danimal Cannon, which means Google is going to get raided by soundtrack searches so be prepared.


These are some of the best Nintendo switch games that you should be waiting for and comment on your favourite below


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