Friends and trading feature launching for Pokémon Go
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A long anticipated fearture is now on its way to Pokémon Go

Developers announced the launch of the most regular feature in their Smash hit Pokémon Go this week. These feature include a friends list and trading. That’s right, not only will you be able to see how your friends are doing, you can send them Pokémon.

It’s not like you won’t get anything in return of a Pokémon, you’ll level up your friendship as you play and trade together. Level up and you can go from being a great friend to a best friend. Throw in a level or two between them.

The new update won’t just be about Pokémon trade. Go ahead and spin PokéStops in which if you are lucky you might just receive a special gift that you can send to friends. They’ll get special gifts and a postcard from the location.

Now trading to upgrade your friendship level will cost you StarDust. And you can only trade and level up your friend level if you’re already trainer level 10 or higher.

This is a feature that Niantic the developers of Pokémon Go should have launched in the game a long time ago.

Well if you aren’t a member of the franchise already and your friend are, there will be no time more perfect than this one so Pop onto Google Play to grab Pokémon GO to get into it in time for the friendship and trading features.


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