Ghost of Tsushima’s gameplay revealed at Sony’s E3, 2018,press conference
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"How can a game be so damn AMAZING?"

Ghost of Tsushima an upcoming title about which not much was known about has finally been unveiled and the game is just the way gamers expected it to be.

It's amazingly amazing and being set in feudal Japan with awesome graphics the game is just way too much and every time you see it just gets better.

Sony at its E3 2018, Press conference finally revealed the PlayStation  4 exclusive title.

Ghost of Tsushima comes from the makers of Infamous series and one can never forget Infamous series as it’s a superhero game and being one of the best series the game was successful and now we get another game which seems to be just god damn amazing.

At E3, the gameplay trailer of Ghost of Tsushima was revealed which created quite a buzz in the crowd.

The game is set during Mongol invasion, as the trailer begins with an amazing view of brown grass and beautiful dark sky and your character walks a bit and then call his horse and then mounts on his horse to charge down the hillside into a forest which is animated gracefully. He reaches the forest and there he sees two people running while screaming and then gets down from his horse and charges over the location after seeing the blood. When he reaches the sees, 3 enemies, killing people by stabbing he sword into their heart. The character then gracefully kills the first attacker and then counters the second and attacks until he finishes them. After the 3 are killed, another one appears with a shield and spear but the character easily kills them by breaking the shield and spear forcing them weaponless and then he assassinates both of them beautifully. The character then meets one of his friend an Archer who kills the attacker approaching your character.

They then run towards the temple (The one which appeared in the leak) and then we see stealth attack performed by both of them on the guards who are guarding the temple.

 You can also do quite an amount of parkour in the game as we can see our character running and climbing and jumping over the top of the shrines or something like that.

The character later stabs through a screen to kill one enemy as he attempts to call for reinforcements.

After being announced in last October, Ghost of Tsushima is a new open-world game from Sucker Punch that combines action and stealth inside a beautifully atmospheric version of Japan.

The game looks amazing and it’s a great time to be a PS4 owner and sad to be a PC gamer. 

Though its no problem for PC gamers as there are many other games too but Ghost of Tsushima is just way too cool and we hope that we get a PC port too.

Check out the Artwork leaks of Ghost of Tsushima from the link below

Ghost of Tsushima Artworks leaked online

Also, check out the amazing stealth gameplay which was revealed at Sony’s E3 press conference 2018 below:


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