How to become a Video Game Developer?
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Are you confuse how to get started for becoming a game developer? don't worry about it, this unique article can help you out.

Game developers are the guys who write the code which runs the video games. Most of the times game development involves a team which includes lots of professionals in various disciplines. Design, art, programming, story, and testing are some of the important disciplines of the video game development. Independent game development or Indie game development is usually done by an individual or a small team with limited resources and funds. Indie game development has been evolving exponentially over the last decade because of the new innovative online distribution platforms. Anyways, whether you want to be an indie game developer or you want to get hired as a game developer in one of the top gaming companies, there are certain pre-requisites you need to fulfil. Let's see what it takes to be a game developer.


1. Play video games


You should love playing video games. Yes, this sounds stupid and simple. But, you must be a passionate gamer to understand the nuances which make the games interesting.


2. Programming


Replace the word developer with the programmer. Video games involve lots of programming. It's a kind of software development. Take up a language like Python or C++ and learn the fundamentals. Grasp the functioning of the programming. Try to understand the logical procedures and how to translate the logic to code etc. As a game developer, you need to use game engines which run based on programming.


3. Game Engine


Game Engines make the game development process easier by providing lots of resources. There are many game engines in the market today. Some of them are free. Pick a game engine like Unity 3D and practice a lot. Try to do tiny things with the help of game engines. Write your little pieces of codes in game engines and see how they are working.


4. Embrace Math


If you are one of those last bench students who used to hate math in high school, you need to change a little bit. Math is very important in the game development process as it involves motion graphics.



Game development is certainly not as fun as playing the video games. You must be open-minded to learn many things to be a good game developer. If you are really passionate about the game development, then certainly you may enjoy the development process. If you want to become a game developer then you need to know the basics or all the disciplines which are involved in the development process. The sound effects, design, art, story, and programming are the most important disciplines in the game development process as mentioned above. All this seems to be overwhelming at the beginning. But regular practice and taking small steps consistently will surely help you to understand the core development process. Network with the game developers to learn the practical aspects of the game development. Contact your favourite game developers and ask them if they could mentor you. After learning the fundamentals, it is recommended to join as an intern in a game development company where you can observe the team effort behind those exciting video games.



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