How to develop Android Applications?
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So you're excited to know that how to become an android developer? your wait is over now in this post you will know, everything about how to develop android apps.

There are basically three steps in the Android application development process. 1. Ideation 2.Designing the structure 3.  Development.



Ideation: Firstly you need to be clear about the purpose of the application you are aspiring to develop. Whatis problem the application is going to solve for its users? Is it for entertainment purpose only? (like games or jokes) are some of the crucial questions you need to ask yourself before getting into the actual development. These questions help you to visualize the app in your mind which takes us to the next step which is design.



Design: No matter how great your app idea is, it all actually depends on ease it provides for its users. The application must be intuitive and user-friendly. Design the navigation and application structure. Decide upon the colour scheme. Next comes the development process.



Development: Android development involves programming. You need to write code for the application to function the way you want. The standard and the most popular language which is used in Android applications in Java. Recently Google named Kotlin as the main language to develop Android apps. But still, the majority of developers prefer Java to Kotlin to develop Android apps because of various reasons. Android Studio is the development platform which helps to develop the Android applications in an organised way. You can design the application layout by writing the code in XML.



Start developing the simple application to get the grasp on the Android application process. You need to be well versed with the Object Oriented Programming concepts to create the Android applications. Majority of the code consists of Java programming language. So one must be good with all the core java concepts to start Android development. There are many online tutorials to learn Core Java and Android development. Google’s guide for Android developers is the best place to start learning Android application development. Google in collaboration with Udacityhas developed a course and hosted it on They are offering the nano degree program in Android Application Development which may help you to get the required practical knowledge. Android Application Development is evolving rapidly and there are thousands of job opportunities for the Android developers. If you want to become an independent developer, you may also need to know the basics of user interface design. The user interface is very important to take the application to the masses. How well you accumulate your application on that small screen? is the important thing which determines your success in the market. If you are well versed in Java, it just takes a couple of weeks for you to understand the Android concepts.  Google Play store has got more than a million apps. Only a few of them managed to get sufficient downloads. What's the point if no one is using your Android application? You can promote your application via paid advertisements as well as organic methods. Android app promotion is altogether a different ball game. It is also recommended to put a thought on the promotion strategies.



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