Joker and Harley Quinn Skins Coming To PUBG Soon
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The crime couple is coming to PUBG in the form of DLC skins

PUBG is teaming with DC which will give players new skins like Suicide Squadi’s Joker ad Harley Quinn in game. Today, the company premiered a new trailer on Twitter that features the skins in full-on action. Harley is wearing her popular “Daddy’s Monster” shirt, stockings, shorts and shoes with her traditional baseball bat; and Joker wearing what appears to be a suave business suit, but without a tie.

It is not clear whether PUBG will only receive skins or a limited time game mode like Avenger’s: Infinity War’s Thanos in Fortnite, where Joker and Harley Quinn will try to escape the prison and other player will try to stop them.

Right now players are enjoying the frightful Halloween in PUBG that offers news skins like a nurse,butcher, evil clown, and much more.

The partnership is an official one between DC and PUBG Corp., which means we might see even more character skins coming to the game.That’s not final yet, but we could see that announcement this Saturday as well.



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