One Piece World Seeker Gameplay Trailer Revealed.
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One Piece World Seeker Gameplay Trailer Revealed and the game looks promising

Longtime running manga One Piece got it first ever game on July 19, 2000, but the gameplay was disappointing. The games released became a major flop and saw the fan base dropping until One Piece Unlimited World Red and One-Piece Pirate Warriors was released. The gameplay, UI, combat etc were improved drastically and were better than the games released before avoiding the slap and crap from the gamers mouth.

Now, One Piece is again setting its sail with a new game called One Piece World Seeker.

One Piece is a manga that has been running since 1997created by Eiichiro Oda who found inspiration from Pirates. It has remained famous all over the world and with its anime adaption by TOEI animation the anime became highly successful and is running now too as fans support One Piece with love and care.

Games like One Piece: Treasure Battle! Receive ultimate mediocrity and disappointed gamers as the game was like Mario Party like the nightmare and due to that One-Piece games were losing its fan following but Pirate Warriors and Unlimited World held their heads up from bowing down.


Bandai Namco might be finally releasing something that is One-piece titled worthy. The new game One Piece World Seeker is an action adventure game though not much is known yet, according to It seems that Bandai Namco may finally be releasing a One-Piece title worthy of the IP upon which it's based in One Piece: World Seeker. Not a whole lot is known about the title, but from previous trailers, it seems to be an open-world adventure-focused game in the world of One Piece. The trailer that Bandai Namco released on May 29, seems to really double down on this notion. It showcases Monkey D. Luffy leaping, grabbing and flying his way around a gorgeous and visually varied open world. Exploration seems to be as pushed on the player as combat is, and the world looks interesting enough to maneuver through, given Luffy’s fun-looking traversal options. The game is believed to be yet on Jail Island. Hopefully, the game rewards player exploration with enough side activities, interesting fan service and so forth to warrant the game having an open-world/open-environment structure.

Combat looks promising as well, as the game is played through over-the-shoulder third-person perspective and Luffy’s combat-capabilities seem varied. Luffy can use both ranged and close-up attacks that fluctuates between finesse and over-the-top brawler finishers. Also, you have the opportunity to take a stealthy approach as we can see in the trailer that's executed with a badass animation. Seems like the game is gonna be rocking when it’s released.

Fans have been waiting for a good One-Piece game since the late 1990s. The trailer opens with the line “nothing ever stays the same,” so here’s hoping that this game delivers on being as original as it is well-made when it is released sometime later this year.

More from Bandai Namco's press release: 

Play as Luffy as you explore the mysterious Jail Island to uncover the secrets of this unique island city, where cultures that should clash actually end up existing together under the bond of island life. Scaleskyscrapers and shops using Luffy’s “Gum Gum Devil Fruit” ability and seamlessly jump from building to building, taking in the sights of Jail Island that blend nature and powerful science to create formidable buildings and bars. Discover the story behind the institutions created by the World Government and theMarines and help Luffy find the reason why they exist.


Check out the gameplay trailer for One Piece: WorldSeeker below.



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