Snow and Sanhok map Launching this Year, PUBG
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Gear up as fast as you can as a Snow and Sanhok map has been announced for PUBG PC and Xbox along with a Special gameplay item

PUBG’s partnership with Microsoft has payed off as PUBG corp. was able to reveal some exciting new features which are going to be released for PC and Xbox in the year ahead. Some gameplay changes are going to be made along with the launch of new maps including a snow map and Sanhok.

The biggest reveal, Snow map has caught everybody’s attention but unfortunately only a brief glimpse of what the new map will be was showcased. This Snow Map can be expected around the winter of 2018 and the developers say that the new map is very early in development. PUBG Corp says their plan is to bring it to both platforms next winter.

PC and Xbox Players are going to be able to enjoy the Sanhok map on June 22nd.

This time there is an unprecedented gameplay item which is going to launch soon and that is Ballistic Shield. Now Player can walk into a gunfire without the hesitation of getting knocked out, well at least form on direction.

PUBG’s new maps are going to bring back the focus of the gamer back to the game because as for now the player are detaching form PUBG.


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