Summoners War crossed 90 millions downloads
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Com2us’s mobile role-playing game Summoners War has marked its position in top downloaded games as it has been downloaded over 90 million times globally. The game has reached to this high point after four years of its first launch on iOS and Android in 2014. The developer said it expects the RPG to hit 100 million downloads in the near future.

Summoners War is an RPG featuring turn-based strategy. Players can summon a variety of monsters, use runes to boost the creatures’ stats, and evolve them to become more powerful. The game has both single-player story campaign, as well as co-op and competitive multiplayer modes. In 2015, Com2us introduced a system where players can join guilds and team up against boss monsters to earn rewards like special runes.

Summoners War has earned over $1 billion since its launch in 2014. Interestingly for a title developed by a South Korean developer, much of its success, $890 million-plus, has been on the international stage.

In 2017 Summoners War helped Com2us generate revenues of $450 million for the second year in a row. Operating profits came in at $180.9 million for the year.

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