Telltale will be making games based on Netflix's Series
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Developers Telltale will make games based on the stories from Netflix series

The mega hit game developer Telltale is going to expand its games with the stories based on Netflix. Well, this doesn’t sound weird as a bunch of the TV shows the Telltale games are based on already exist on Netflix. Given that it’s a streaming platform, it’s not crazy to expect that games streaming could also become big on the platform.

But the thing is how the games are going to work out and where the real issue lies is in how they’ll play. Will we need controllers, or will Telltale rework the games so they no longer feature sections in which you walk around?

If the games goes on the way they are then you can only go on making dialogue decisions for your characters, and perhaps the odd quick time event. The gamers sought more than that, well it has worked for us till now but the games based on various Series can take more player effort to progress.

 With the news of Stranger things Game under development, the news of the shift of Telltale games to Netflix is confirmed. The wait is to see how the game turns out to be.



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