Two new Operators added to Rainbow Six: Seige
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Both operators have their own new abilities

Two new operators have been added to Rainbow Six: Siege during the livestream of the Rainbow Six Invitational tournament. The two new operators are Lion and Finka launched as part of the game’s third year of post-launch support. Both are biohazard specialists and will bring some tech in Operation Chimera update on March 6.

Finka gives her team a nanobot shot before the operation ,and her Adrenal Surge grants every living teammate 20 temporary HP for20 Seconds. The adrenal surge is a perfect on the time of survivability before they breach an objective room. The Adrenal Surge restores any player who is down, but not dead regardless of distance or line of sight for 20 seconds increasing HP to 25.

Finka can carry any of the Spetznaz 6P41 LMG or the SASG-12 shotgun. She has a new Russian bullpup named Spear .308, an SMG with 30-round capacity, 38 base damage, and medium-high rate of fire (780).

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Lion, on the other hand has a drone for his support. His EE-One-D drone reveal the position of any and all enemies who are moving. Not only this, his teammates can also see the enemies in real time and the only solution to this problem is to stay still or stand in the radius of Mute's jammers which will block detection.

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Both the operators are attackers unlike Ubisoft’s previous operators where one of them was attacker and other one was defender. Also these two operators are from fictional international special forces called CBRN.



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