Why is Unity 3D so popular?
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don't know much about unity? don't worry just read this article to know everything about it.

If you are the game developer then there is a100% chance that you would have heard about Unity 3D game engine. You would be most probably using the same for game development. Unity 3D was created by Unity Technologies in 2005. It was just compatible with Mac computers at first and then later on extended to Windows Platform. It was fundamentally created to develop 2D and 3D games for consoles, computers, and mobile devices. There are tons of game engines in the market today but none of them enjoys the admiration as much as Unity 3D. There are quite a few reasons which make Unity 3D special. Let's explore the reasons which made Unity 3D the most admired game engine in the market today!


Easy operation


Unity 3D is the most comfortable game engine with which you can create complex games without any hassles. We can easily execute and handle gaming elements using drag and drop features. Its user-interface is super intuitive and encouraging for the beginner developers.


Less Code


You need not write thousands of lines of code if you are developing the video games using Unity 3D. 80% of the job is handled by Unity game engine. You just need to write 20% of the code. You can use C and javascript for scripting on Unity 3D game engine. C and Javascript are the most popular programming languages. So they must be one of the reasons which made Unity 3D more popular than the other gaming engines




You can use Unity 3D on any platform. It works seamlessly on both Mac and Windows. It supports all kinds of devices and considered as an efficient cross-platform game engine. Unity 3D gives the top-class output when you are developing the games for various platforms. Unity 3Dcan be used to develop games for more than 10 different platforms.




The free version of Unity 3D game engine includes lots of important features. Many indie developers just use the free version of this game engine to develop exciting video games. The pro version of unity 3D takes the components to the next level. Even the pro version is budget-friendly and it's worth the price. Most of the developers feel like a pro just using the free version of Unity 3D. It's the free version which pulls lots of newbie developers into the network of Unity 3D






Unity 3D has been hailed by the professional game developers for its incredible stability. Its architectures deliver the best output most of the times. Its audio effects are phenomenal and the graphics are ultra-modern.




Being the most popular game engine on the planet, Unity 3D has got one of the best support systems in the market today. The support network is very important in game development. You need the expert advice or else you feel trapped while developing the video games. Whenever you are struck, you just need to post the issue on the support forums. You'll get the super fast replies from the professional developers. Its support system is very active and consistently expanding.




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