What is Game journalism and How to become a successful Game journalist?
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Journalism is the core, and it’s divided into various small concepts and Gaming is one of its idea and people who research, prepare the detailed report on news related to gaming are known as Game Journalist.

Game Journalist is just like an ordinary journalist except herein you specialize in writing and making explicit statements on content pertaining strictly to games.Writing on games isn’t easy, but it also isn’t difficult if you have the recalled passion burning inside you. You can quickly become a game journalist as long as you work hard.

To become a successful game journalist, there are various things to keep in mind, and you won’t become a perfectionist in a single day to become a perfectionist you have to work hard for thousands of days and the hardness to be abundant.

So, if you ever thought about becoming a game journalist aspiring to become a game journalist but confused on what to do or where to start this post will fill you with the correct information so that you can kick in, in your gaming journalism career.


Let’s talk about how to become a Game Journalist:

There are specific points to remember because this is the base of gaming journalism and also if possible note down this pointer so that you can do better.


Brief Overview of what you’ll understand in the post below






Now, let’s talk bit detail about the pointers and then you’ll be left with zero doubt and give your journalism career a head start.

1.      You have to Research

Yes, the primary task of a journalist requires researching. A game journalist has to keep on doing extensive research in the field of games and keep an eye on any game released is being announced. The research done will later be pasted into making a detailed report. The gaming journalist should know how to research and where to research.

You can also opt fora Journalism course wherein you’ll be taught about the primary task of a journalist, and if you study Master’s in Journalism you’ll have in-depth knowledge about journalism and every pointer you need to remember. Research is essential, if you can not do research then sorry you won’t be able to become a journalist let alone game journalism.

 2.      Play the Games

You have read this correct. It’s not a typo or an error because as a game journalist you should know about what’s in the game and you’ll only learn about it once you play.Playing games here implies researching and keeping tracks of essential levels and subheads. You have to play not for fun but for learning what’s in the standard? Who’s the boss? Where are the items located? And everything else. When you know all this, you can quickly draft a detailed report about the game and review it as a game journalist. You’ll be able to identify which set is right and which is not and a gaming journalist should understand and know which game is right and which is the worst.

3.       Learn the Art of Reviewing

Earlier we talked about ‘Start Playing Games’ well here’s you’ll understand why you need to start playing the games. A journalist’s basic task is to inform the masses about the game and to know how and what the game is it needs to be played. Reporters have access to early unreleased demo if they are backed by any company and after playing they can draft a review on it and upload it on the internet company's website wherein the mass audience will read it. You should learn the art of Reviewing because writing a review is not a piece of cake. It requires thorough knowledge about the game and when you have that only then you’ll be able to write 100% accurate report.

4.      Start Writing

Journalist prepare and uploads their reports be it in newspapers or digital. You should learn the art of writing accurately without any punctuation or grammar error so that your report could look 100% authentic and readable. Writing about games will deepen your knowledge about it as you dive into writing about new games and experience new thrill running inside you by the time you become a successful game journalist.

5.       Create your Blog/Website about gaming

If you are a student who aspires to be a game journalist just like me, then create your blog or website today and start reviewing games and giving your opinions on it. Build an audience who will trust you because journalist have massive respect in the society, so they are praised highly. Write about the games, and you’ll sharpen your knowledge as you dive deeper into the game writing and then you’ll be able to become a successful game journalist.

There are many other points on how to become a game journalist, but these five will help you in understanding the basics of game journalism.

Game journalism has broader scope compared to another concept or aspect of writing because games are being developed and produced every day, so the game journalist is busy giving their reviews on it.


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